I think there are so many signs (not the Communications signs) today, that are screaming at me to write write write.

First, there’s the Thought Catalog articles

A 20-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Early December, 1971


Writing Is A Breathing, Living Thing, And That’s All I Want

that I opened.

I haven’t got to read them before I started writing. Just the titles alone stirred my thoughts.

Then there’s this ad on Douban.fm.

第一节豆瓣阅读正文大赛—-【复兴中篇】与【我的非虚构写作】首奖3万元 优秀奖5千元


And then it just happens that I installed the WordPress app from Chrome store yesterday.

So all these and BOOM I just started splurging out the words, 磕磕绊绊的, because I haven’t done so for ages.

My mind is rusty a bit.

But I feel so good after writing.