Today Mrs Toh (maths teacher) praised me !!!

Okay not praise, but I felt being acknowledged for the first time for the effort I’ve made!

Yay. This really feels good!

To be honest, I still haven’t find the motivation to study real hard.

I know, I know, I can’t see the big picture right?

I just don’t get motivated when I get the “it’s good for your future” talk.

But I’ve realised that I’m gonna hate myself and regret that I gave up on my studies and didnt try harder when I get back my A level results and can’t choose the subject I want because of academic reasons:(

I have no idea who I want to be what I want to do how my future should be like at allllll!!!

So I’m not going to deprive myself of any chances at finding what I love to do! This is how I motivate myself recently.

This is how I'm like when I study hehe

I know I’ve wasted all those times away last year, and it’s hell with only a few months this year before A levels if I wanna catch up with everything. I just want to give my best and I really don’t want to see regret on anyone’s face.

And of course, it’d be reallly good if I can get into some decent school:) hehe

So as Mr. Mao says, good good study, day day up!!!

Haha i srsly think that the girl on the right looks like me when I was young!

Yay and lastly my dear k-pop guys shall cheer me on!!!

Yay wandong DBSK shouts jiayou for you!!